Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maddie Faith Walker

Maddie's 6 years old!

Always a comedian!

Our Sweet Maddie Faith!

The Over Filled Pinata

A race for the candy!

Her Littlest Pet Shop Butterfly Cake

I can't believe my Maddie is 6 years old! She is super funny and such a great helper to me. She watches out for her younger siblings, but she also is quick to remind them that she is the oldest.......therefore she knows everything there is to know. She is a great athlete and can keep up with the boys. She is the only girl on her baseball team, and she loves soccer. But she is also our little princess and loves to get glam-ed up (In Mom's Make-up) and loves to have her nails painted every Sunday before Church. I am constantly amazed with her intelligence and her kindness for others. We are so blessed to have Maddie in our family!

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